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Sandy's landscape Supplies - Dump Truck
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Products Available In Bulk - any quanities.
Delivered with our trucks, Your pickup,
or even by the bucket. 
Whatever your need - we can help.
Top Soil 
Decorative Stone:
Eastern Sunrise
Frosted Rose
Landscape Stones:
Round 1" -1 1/2"
Round 1" - 3"
Peastone 3/8"
Recommended for a Driveway:
Limestone - large, small or fines up to 3/4"
3/4" Natural Crushed Stone
Road Gravel
Varied Uses: 
Stones - 3/4" (drainfield, under decks, dog kennels)
3/4" Natural Crushed Stone
Peastone - 3/8"
Two grades of Sand
Several varieties of Mulch Available:
Certified Playground Mulch (blonde)
Clean Chips with Enhanced Coloring - Red, Brown, Black
Cedar Shredded Mulch
Hardwood Shredded
Products Available by the bag:
Decorative Stones:  Frosted Rose,
Western Sunrise, Eastern Sunrise,
White Marble, Lava Rock, Cobblestone, Peastone
Play Sand
Cypress Mulch
Enhanced Color Mulch
Flagstone - Ohio Blue
Consistant thickness with a lasting hardness
Available for pickup - measured by weight.
Patio Pavers
Seal Master Sealcoat
Seal Coat - concentrate by the gallon
Several types of Crack Filler
Spray tips
Special requests can be accomodated
Retaining Walls and Pavers available
for the most beautiful and enduring landscape projects with quality products.
Huge selection of styles and colors.
For more information contact your sales team at Sandy's.
Patio finished with Ohio Blue Flagstone

Shredded Cedar

Enhanced Black Mulch

Wood Chips

Enhanced Brown Mulch

Enhanced Red Mulch

Phone: (517) 750-1870 4845 W. Michigan Ave., Jackson, Michigan 49201 Fax: (517) 750-2730